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World Expo 88
Expo 88 Interview - 5:00

From May till October in 1988, Peter Venn and his crew carried over 138000 joy riding passengers at the World Expo held in Brisbane. A hovercraft suitable for the job was designed with the help of Owen Ellis, and a fleet of four craft built by Peter and his brother Danny.

World Expo 88
OK Expo Reporter - 3:45

OK Expo reporter for July Tara, teams up with Tony for the thrill and excitement of a joyride at World Expo 88 with Peter Venn of Australian Light Hovercraft Services.

NSW news
Floating On Air - 2:25

Local TV news item at Port Stevens with Karl Bowman and the NSW club putting three Expo Turbos through their paces after they had finished their stint at World Expo 88.

USA 2002
Mississippi Cruising - 2002 - 6:48

In September 2002, Peter Venn and Arthur Stead enjoyed a 100 mile Mississippi river cruise with Linda, Verdon and Vernon Weber launching from Potosi Landing in Wisconsin.

Shoalhaven River - 2009 - 6:48

On Sunday 13th December 2009, Arthur & Judy Stead teamed up with Karl & Judy Bowman, Eugene & Robyn Zanozin and Peter Hardi at Nowra NSW, for a cruise up the Shoalhaven River. Peter captured the cruise on duct cam