Leaderboard Challenge - Flying Fish Hovercraft - Sunday 6th March 2011.

For the club visit we had a total of 21 people at the Flying Fish Challenge.
Those attending the Flying Fish hovercross circuit were:-

Peter & Elaine Venn, David, Anna & Thomas Venn, Arthur & Judy Stead, Rod & Caryl Jensen, Angus Kerr & Anne, Des Goss, Dale Baxter, Alan Harm, John Lee, Dan Logovik, Rita Chaffey, Steven Odgaard and our hosts, Russ, Emma & Hetty Pullen.

We had a fun afternoon on the single craft circuit at the Flying Fish next door to the Big Fish Tavern. Russ and Emma have set up a hovercraft fun track beside the Bruce Highway on the disused go-cart track north of Caboolture.

Each participant had a 3 lap trial in turn to get the feel of the 3.1m Flying Fish Marlin Hovercraft, then Russ timed everyone on a two lap test.


Des Goss - 1:47.8
Steven Odgaard - 1:48.5
Angus Kerr - 1:48.7
David Venn - 1:55.2
Dale Baxter - 1:55.7
Peter Venn - 2:02.8
Arthur Stead - 2:11.3
Alan Harm - 2:48.6
David Venn on one of his hovercross laps