February 2017
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch of The Australian Hovercraft Federation held a planning meeting on Tuesday, 21st February 2017, at the Coopers Plains Library in Orange Grove Road.
This meeting was attended by:-

Vice President:- Peter Venn
Treasurer:- Phillip Audsley
Secretary:- Steven Odgaard

Other members attending were Kim Allen, Dieter Renisch, Arthur Stead, Dwayne Morgan, Micheal Stephenson, Les Taylor and Dale Baxter.

Visitor for the evening was Kerri Audsley.

Apologies: Ben Woodhead, Steve Stephens and Angus Kerr.

Cruise report - Colman Road, Coomera - Sunday 12th February 2017.

The last club cruise was held on Sunday 12th February starting from the Colman Road boat ramp on the Pimpama River at Coomera and included a trip to Tipplers Resort, Couran Cove and Never Fail Islands.
Those attending the cruise with craft were:-

Angus Kerr Viper 4 Cruiser
Ben Woodhead Turbo XP960
Les Taylor Turbo 235 Superwedge - Phoenix.
Dieter Renisch Turbo Wedge 225
Steven Odgaard Bill Baker Vehicle 2 - Static Display

Les Taylor with the Phoenix, Dieter Renisch with the Turbo Wedge 225 and Steven Odgaard with the Bill Baker Vehicle 2 met at the Colman Road boat ramp at 9:00am. Michael Stephenson came with Dieter, and Dale Baxter arrived early in his 1984 HJ47 Toyota Landcruiser having camped overnight at Maudsland. Angus and Lucas Kerr travelled in the Viper 4 cruiser with Ben Woodhead and Neil Budworth in a brand new Turbo XP960 powered by a Suzuki G10 1 litre engine. They launched into the Redland Bay Channel and travelled south via Steiglitz, Rudy Maas and Jacobs Well arriving at 9:34am.
Phil and Kerry Audsley arrived a while later at 10:39am. Phil travelled around the renovated boat ramp with ease on his Liteway A6824 and collected membership from Dale Baxter.

Angus, Lucas, Ben, Neil and Les set off for the bay at 10:24am and Dieter and Michael tried to follow, but fell behind so they returned for some skirt repair.
The Turbo Wedge 225 has a new tuned exhaust and has significantly more power than it did when Des Goss ruled the waves. Well done Dieter Renisch!

Dieter and Les

Viper & Turbo XP960

Turbo XP960

Turbo 225

Les Taylor returned at 2:07pm and reported that Ben Woodhead had failed at Never Fail Islands. Fortunately the islands were named by anglers who always came home with fish for dinner and so the omen didn't stick. Ben restarted his new Turbo XP960 and travelled back to the Pimpama River at 2:20pm. They waved to us at the ramp and kept going on their journey north to Redland Bay Channel.

The Three Craft

Skirt repair

Les Taylor, Dieter Renish, Michael Stephenson and Steven Odgaard packed up the craft and club banner and departed at 3:00pm.

Local News:

Clarification on amber flashing light for inland waters.
Wednesday, 15th January 2017
To Les Taylor,
I have sort clarification for the implementation of the Collision Regulations in QLD.
The Prevention of Collisions Convention applies to all vessels on all QLD waters (which includes inland waters, rivers and dams).
The section that will impact on hovercraft (yellow flashing light) 'Section III - Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility' will only come into effect if the event is held in restricted visibility or between sunset and sunrise. The regulation defines restricted visibility as 'any condition in which visibility is restricted by fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms or any other similar causes'.
Given the nature of the event, any race could be delayed until the restricted visibility passes, which would allow interstate competitors not to contravene the current legislation.
Please give me a call if you have any further questions.
Trent Williams
Marine Officer (Brisbane Region) Maritime Safety Queensland.

Rally Planning.
Wednesday 15th February 2017
To Steve Stephens,
How is all the planning for the National event going?
I wanted to follow up on the PA system, the Inglewood office of Council has a PA system and your visit has prompted the Council to create a hire form (hence the delay). You will see there is no charge for use, just a few conditions of hire. Just fill it out and return to me, and we'll have another job sorted.
You can invite Lawrence Springborg, he is stepping down at the election later this year, so once the LNP announce their replacement candidate you may want to consider inviting that person as well. David Littleproud is our federal member and originally from the Inglewood region, so he might also be worth an invite.
Let me know if you need any help with any of the planning.
Megan Long
Community Development and Events Coordinator
Goondiwindi Regional Council

Australian National Rally:
The next Australian National Rally will be held from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th July 2017 at Lake Coolmunda near Inglewood in southeast Queensland. This rally is being organised by the Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club on behalf of the Australian Hovercraft Federation.
Check the rally site for details - rally.qhover.com

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be held on Sunday 19th March 2017 at the Nudgee Beach boat ramp in Nudgee Road. Take exit 112 from the Gateway Motorway and head east along Nudgee Road for about 2 kilometres to the ramp.
Meet at 9:00 am at the Nudgee Beach ramp for a launch into the Kedron Brook Floodway.

UBD Reference - Map 121 N-3.
Contact for the event is Steven Odgaard on 0400 798 404.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
The next club meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 7:30pm.
It will be held in the Coopers Plains Library at 107 Orange Grove Road, Coopers Plains.
There is plenty of parking at the rear of the library building via Bosworth Street off Orange Grove Road.

UBD Reference - Map 200 D-13.

Anyone with an interest in air cushion vehicles is welcome to attend.
We discuss technical topics and plan cruises.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary