April 2012
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch of The Australian Hovercraft Federation held a planning meeting on Tuesday, 17th April 2012, at the RC primary school, 350 Mortimer Road, Acacia Ridge.
This meeting was attended by:-

President:- Peter Venn
Treasurer:- Phillip Audsley
Secretary:- Steven Odgaard

Other members attending were Angus Kerr and Arthur Stead.
Visitors for the evening were Rita Chaffey and Kerri Audsley.

Cruise report - Muriel Street, Redland Bay - Sunday 15th April 2012.

The last club cruise was held on Sunday 15th April 2012, launching from 96 Muriel Street, Redland Bay courtesy of Peter Venn.
Those attending the cruise were:-

Peter Venn - Turbo TP6.
Angus Kerr - Viper.
Arthur Stead - Renegade.
Ben Woodhead - ASV Vortex.

Others attending the cruise were:-
Brett Young and Jamie Behrendorff.

Ben Woodhead brought his ASV Vortex along for show. It has been refitted with a Suzuki Swift 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine. Extractors and manifold only – no muffler.
Angus Kerr and Peter Venn took Brett Young and Jamie for a trip around Lagoon Island. Arthur’s Revtech Renegade was repaired in the Hoverport workshop. A faulty fuel shut off valve was rewired. Dale Baxter to contact Graham Finter who owns another Quatro Ventura.

Three hovercraft travelled north to Snipe Island where we boiled the billy and waited for the rain to ease. We travelled around Snipe Island and back south through the Garden Island passage. We saw a fleet of jet skis out on a club cruise as we landed on the western end of Karragarra Island and we had another snack at the picnic table amongst the coastal she-oak and mangroves.

We returned via a shallow passage on the western side of Russell Island and stopped briefly at Stephen Venn’s regular landing spot at the end of his street on Russell Island. We returned safely to the hoverport at Lagoon Passage. Peter Venn then took Angus Kerr’s Viper for a brief test run.

Refreshments by Elaine Venn on the back patio at 96 Muriel Street. Despite the rainy and overcast weather, we had a remarkably smooth and comfortable bay cruise. Thanks to Peter Venn for taking Rita and myself along as passengers in the TP6. Arthur Stead cruised in his Revtech Renegade and Angus Kerr cruised alone in the Subaru powered Viper.

After the craft were packed up, a discussion was held over the direction the club should take in relation to the permit system we operate under on Moreton Bay Marine Park. An ideal opportunity exists to repeal the Marine Park permit system considering the recent change of government in Queensland.

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be held on Sunday 29th April 2012 at Queens Esp, Thornside.
Meet at 9:00 am at the boat ramp in Queens Esplanade near Bates Drive, Thorneside for a launch into Waterloo Bay and a cruise around the King Island area.
UBD Reference - Map 164 H17.
Contact for the event is Steven Odgaard on 0400 798 404.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
The next club meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th May 2012 at 7:30pm.
It will be held in the Staff Room at Our Lady of Fatima RC primary school, 350 Mortimer Road Acacia Ridge.

Hope you can come. All welcome.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary