May 2011
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch of The Australian Hovercraft Federation held a planning meeting on Tuesday, 17th May 2011, at the RC primary school, 350 Mortimer Road, Acacia Ridge.
This meeting was attended by:-

Vice President:- Des Goss
Treasurer:- Phillip Audsley
Secretary:- Steven Odgaard

Other members attending were Peter Venn, Arthur Stead and Dale Baxter.
Visitors for the evening were Rita Chaffey, Rod Jensen, Bill Russell and Dan Logovic.

Cruise report - Muriel Street, Redland Bay - Saturday 14th May 2011.

Peter Venn & Arthur Stead - Turbo TP6 - by a Subaru thrust engine and a Honda lift engine.
Steven Odgaard & Rita Chaffey - Expo Turbo powered by a PE485 Yamaha 50hp 2 stroke.
Des Goss - Simple Cyclone powered by a PE485 Yamaha 50hp 2 stroke.

The Billy Baker 2 got a bit of a shake out with the Chaparral 44hp firing up to blow out the cob webs, but it remained on the trailer as the lone sentinel at the boat ramp for any late visitors.

We had a smooth run out along the Redland Bay Channel, down the Logan River and under the power lines to Cobby Cobby Island, then back up the eastern side of Russell Island to Canaipa Point where we met Dale Baxter on a 41 foot motor launch with his former boss and a mate. We ferried them one at a time in the Expo Turbo to the shady beach on Stradbroke Island where we all enjoyed a billy tea.

The weather was perfect - blue sky, cool autumn breeze and warm sunshine. Peter Venn took Dale and his mates back to their luxurious boat in one ride with the Turbo TP6, then we ventured north to MacLeay Island and a rest stop at the Blue Parrott café. Next we headed north along the eastern side of Garden Island and the sandbank east of Victoria Point before turning south for home.

On Long Island we stopped and picked up a sick turtle and took a few photos. To the east of St Clair Island we stopped to check if two small aluminium boats stuck high on a mudbank had sufficient water to last the long wait until the turn of tide, and returned for a cup of tea at Peter and Elaine’s place by 3:00 pm.

Peter and Rita purchased some fresh prawns from a local fisherman who uses the Redland Bay Channel. He and many others had a good catch that day.

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Camp Quality hovercrafting:-
Hi Steve and Peter,
I hope you've both been keeping well. Sorry I've been off the grid a little while. I finally found some time to do a recce of Boggy Creek and I think I've found a spot that might be suitable. There's a spot where Prior Rd turns into Bancroft Rd in Pinkenba that has boat access. There's also an expanse of flat ground next to this area but I've just noticed some signage in one of the photos so I may have to go back there and read what it says. I've attached a few photos that show the location and details of the area. What do you think?

I've received written approval from Camp Quality for the 'Weird Science' aspect the afternoon, which The University of Queensland hope to run in two 2-hour sessions from 12 midday to 4:00 pm. My plan would be to just attend the second half of the UQ demonstration and have my smaller group (the ones donating $50 per head) attend the Pinkenba hovercrafting from 12 to about 1:10 pm or 1:25 pm at the very latest. How does that plan of attack sound?

If sounds good, might there be any additional info I'd need to forward on to the group? If it's raining, could it still proceed with the use of raincoats? If two hovercraft were to be employed, what would the maximum number of people you'd feel comfortable with attending? 25? 30?
Dan Logovic

Air Force Cadets Training Exercise:-
I’m inquiring to see if your club would be willing to help us, 220 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets, conduct a hovercraft training day. We are based at Aviation High, Hendra, and plan to conduct the training on Saturday 4th June 2011. Any assistance in organizing or executing this training would be greatly appreciated.

For further information please contact:
Flight Lieutenant Leigh Smith (Commanding Officer) on: 0412 016 553
Leading Aircraftsman Brett Young (Training Oficer) on: 0448 147 001
Kind Regards,
Cadet Sergeant Joshua Kessell

Australian Hovercraft Federation News:-
On the weekend of 8th, 9th & 10th July 2011, the Queensland Hovercraft Club will host the Australian National Rally at Kirkleagh on Lake Somerset, about 2 hours north of Brisbane.
An online pre-registration form has been set up on the qhover websites for those intending to go to Lake Someset for the 2011 rally.

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be on Saturday, 28th May 2011 at Boggy Creek, Pinkenba.
The cruise will be a Camp Quality fund raising day organised by Dan Logovic.
UBD Reference - Map 142 H1.
Contact for the event is Steven Odgaard on 0400 798 404.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
The next club meeting will be held on Tuesday, 21st June 2011 at 7:30pm.
It will be held in the Staff Room at Our Lady of Fatima RC primary school, 350 Mortimer Road Acacia Ridge.

Hope you can come. All welcome.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary