July 2008
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch held a planning meeting at the SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome on Tuesday, 15th July 2008 which was attended by Des Goss, Angus Kerr, Peter Venn, Arthur Stead, Tony Hogben and Steven Odgaard.

Cruise report - Muriel Street, Redland Bay, Saturday 5th July 2008.

The cruise scheduled for Saturday 5th July from Muriel Street, Redland Bay was attended by:-

Peter Venn - Turbo TP6
Des Goss - Turbo Wedge 225
Steven Odgaard - Billy Baker 2.

Heavy rain in the morning did not deter Des Goss with friend Lindsay Unicomb and Steven Odgaard from towing their craft to Peter Venn and Elaine's place at 96 Muriel St. Redland Bay.

Steven still had not fixed the dirty points in the rear engine on the BBV2, but luckily he was out-voted about attempting a cruise up the Logan River in the pouring rain.

Elaine made a beaut batch of pikelets with jam and fresh whipped cream and so we just sat by the fireplace and sipped cups of tea, and enjoyed a documentary on how to tell when your power station tailings dam is going to run out of capacity.
Of course, using a bit of hindsight, we already knew the answer. Just use a hovercraft.
Back in May, Peter Venn and Arthur Stead travelled to Newcastle and used the Turbo TP6 to manoeuvre very slowly around each lake in grid pattern to ascertain just how full the lakes were. Peter tells the enviable story of how Zenith Spheres float to the surface of the vast ash pit dams and are collected by the breeze and accumulate in corner pockets for harvesting. These are sold to the cosmetics industry for a staggering $12,000 per cubic metre.
That's more expensive than a barrel of oil.
Getting back to the July cruise, the rain never let up, so we departed at about 12:30 pm for a careful drive home. Thats two washouts in consecutive months and we still have severe water restrictions.

Other cruises:-
Arthur and Judy Stead missed the rainy weather of the July cruise as they had travelled south to Sydney and Wollongong enjoying sunny days and calm waters cruising with other Renegades.
On Sunday 6th July they went on a 60 kms cruise with Karl Bowman and Eugene & Robin Zanozin around Sydney's Botany Bay, stopping along the way at places like Captain Cook's Landing at Kurnell, La Perouse near the bay's entrance, and Brighton Le Sands overlooking the airport runways.

The Entrance


Lake Illawarra

On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th a number of cruises totalling around 75 kms were taken on a mirror-like Lake Illawarra with Sam Waugh, Lorraine Brighton and Owen Ellis, exploring all the nooks and crannies around the lake. Late afternoon cruises were particularly pleasant with the sunset colours reflecting on the water, and the calm conditions and mirror finish giving the Renegades an extra burst of speed. Interstate cruises like this may become a more regular occurrence for Queenslanders in the near future when repressive regulations coming into force shortly will severely restrict our hovercraft operations.

Reply from the Minister:-
Recently, Peter Venn and Arthur Stead met with John English, the Member of State Parliament representing the Redlands area in south-east Queensland, to discuss our opposition to the proposed permit system to be introduced in Moreton Bay for the use of hovercraft. Mr English was quite sympathetic to our cause and wrote to the appropriate Minister expressing our concerns.
The following is the reply from the Minister received in early July.

Dear Mr English,
Thank you for your letter of 21 May 2008 making representation on behalf of Peter Venn of 96 Muriel Street, Redland Bay, and Arthur Stead of 7/61 Waterloo Esplanade, Wynnum, concerning the operation of hovercraft in the Moreton Bay Marine Park (MBMP).

Messrs Venn and Stead met with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff on 4 March 2008 to discuss their concerns. The Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club also provided a submission on this matter as part of the public consultation on the draft zoning plan for MBMP. These concerns, along with other submissions, are currently being considered in the development of the final zoning plan.

The proposal to require a permit to operate a hovercraft in the marine park is based on social and environmental issues associated with their operation. Hovercraft and other air cushion craft are able to access areas that conventional vessels cannot, and have the potential to disturb sensitive or vulnerable habitats, such as seagrass and intertidal areas. They may also disturb areas of significant concern, such as shorebird nesting, roosting and feeding sites.

Because hovercrafts generate noise and affect amenity, it is necessary to manage potential conflicts with other groups using the bay, and a permit system helps to do this. Hovercraft use is managed by permit in all other State and Commonwealth marine parks in Queensland, and the proposed Moreton Bay zoning plan is consistant with this principle.

The plan acknowledges the multiple use nature of the marine park, and the permit system provides for managed hovercraft use in Moreton Bay. Permit terms are likely to be for 12 months initially and, where there is compliance with permit conditions, longer terms up to five years may be issued. No permit fees currently apply.

I hope this information is of assistance when replying to your constituents.

Yours sincerely
Andrew McNamara MP
Minister for Sustainability,
Climate Change and Innovation

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be held on Saturday 2nd August 2008 at Muriel St, Redland Bay.
Meet at 9:00 am at Peter Venn's place at 96 Muriel St, Redland Bay for a launch into the Redland Bay Channel.
UBD Reference - Map 267 B9.
Contact for the event is Steven Odgaard on 0400 798 404.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
7:30 pm - Tuesday, 19th August 2008.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary