May 2008
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch held a planning meeting at the SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome on Tuesday, 20th May 2008 which was attended by Des Goss, Phillip Audsley, Angus Kerr, Peter Venn, Arthur Stead and Steven Odgaard.

Cruise report - Brisbane River, Southbank - Saturday 10th May 2008.

The Expo 88 20th anniversary celebrations were held on Saturday 10th May, and the club participated in a ceremonial cruise past South Bank Parklands with Winsome Anderson giving a nine minute commentary over the Promenade public address system.

On the Brisbane River were 6 craft:-

Peter Venn and Elaine in the Turbo TP6,
Arthur Stead in a Revtech Renegade,
Angus and Lucas Kerr in a Turbo Wedge 240 (Expo craft),
David Venn in a Hoverjet,
Des Goss in a Turbo Wedge 225 and
Barry Fennell in a Nell Viper 4X.

Bradley Podlich was our lifeguard in an aluminium dingy with a 40hp outboard.
Phillip and Kerri Audsley had their Turbo Wedge 225 in reserve and so did
Steven Odgaard with a Billy Baker 2. Phillip & Kerri took photographs from the Victoria Bridge.
Judy Stead recorded the commentary.
Bob and Dawn Nielsen assisted with the script near the communication hut and
Sven Sorrenson was the back street driver for the land crew. David Venn had 3 friends along to wish him well.


Heading downstream

Barry Fennell

Barry Fennell had travelled all the way from Maryborough and so did Bob and Dawn Nielsen.
Bob was impressed with Barryís craft and was so excited to know that Barry lived in the same city, that Bob has since put a bid in to purchase a Viper 4X kit, and has plans to cruise the Mary River with Barry before the Traveston Crossing is dammed.

Peter Venn

Des Goss

Barry Fennell

On the 15th May the club received a letter of appreciation from South Bank Corporation together with 10 lapel pins to be handed out to the participants.

Club 150 - South Bank Corporation
20th anniversary of Expo 88 Celebrations

Dear Steven,
Thank you for your participation in the 20th Anniversary of Expo 88 Public Celebration Day. The river was brought to life with the buzz and anticipation of Hovercraft. The event was a fabulous success with an attendance of 55,000 people.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your fly-by team and the Australian Hovercraft Federation for its professionalism and commitment in ensuring the success of the event. We would also like to acknowledge Winsome Anderson for her fabulous commentary.
On behalf of South Bank Corporation, we would sincerely like to thank the Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club for your participation in the 20th Anniversary of Expo 88 celebrations.

Kind Regards
Molly Palmer
Event Co-ordinator
20th Anniversary of Expo 88
Public Celebration Day

Other News:-
Peter Venn and Arthur Stead are travelling south this week to do some contract work for Vales Point Power Station on Lake Macquarie south of Newcastle. The air cushion vehicle is ideal for inspection work on damp ash pits.

Locum tales:-
Peter Ledwoch and Ann Dickinson have been travelling in South Australia and Ann has sent an extraordinary photo of a bridge along the old route of the Ghan railway line.
The caption reads : Ghan Hover-Bus services.
The picture shows a dry river bed with 4WD tracks, very high embankments, an old railway bridge with 4 stumpy supports, upon which is perched a 58 seater white bus with front and rear doors, no wheels nor wheel arches and an aeroplane tail fin bolted to the roof. It may be viewed by driving to Oodnadatta and is somewhere between Olympus and Maree in the South Australian desert.
Ann has sent detailed accounts of their adventure while working as Locums at remote towns in Western NSW and South Australia. They plan to be back in Queensland by July and we are looking forward to seeing them in their Simple Cyclone again at a QSH cruise during the calm winter months.

AHF News:-
An AGM is looming for the Australian Hovercraft Federation.
Each state must elect 3 delegates to attend the AGM which is planned to be conducted by phone hook-up at 3 locations - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Delegates from other states would be welcome if club branches can be formed in SA, WA, TAS or territories.

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be held on Saturday 31st May 2008 at Kirkleagh on Somerset Dam.
Meet at Fernvale on the Brisbane Valley Highway at 10.00 am and travel to Somerset in convoy.
If coming from the north, meet at Kirkleagh at 11.00 am.
If you donít know where Kirkleagh is - It is next to Mount Goonneringerringgi.
So there, now you have no excuse for getting lost.

Registration is necessary to use the lake and may be obtained at the rangerís office near the boat ramp. For further enquiries on boating fees call the SEQW Corp on 5426 0188.

With the dam at 81% capacity this should be very pleasant, however with the mighty Wivenhoe currently losing 1% of its capacity every 10 days, it wonít be long before the reserve level in Somerset will have to be released. This occurs when Wivenhoe falls to 15%.
Contact for the event is Steven Odgaard on 0400 798 404.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
7:30 pm - Tuesday, 17th June 2008.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary