June 2007
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The Queensland branch held a planning meeting at the SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome on Tuesday, 19th June 2007.

Cruise report - Boggy Creek, Pinkenba - Sunday 17th June 2007.

The last cruise was on Sunday 17th June at Boggy Creek, Pinkenba.
Taking part in this cruise were:-

Angus Kerr in a white fibreglass Turbo Wedge 240,
Steven Odgaard in a fibreglass and aluminium Bill Baker Vehicle 2

Visitors were Arthur Gangell of Springfield Lakes and his sister Irene, visiting from Adelaide.
Arthur offered to buy Angusí craft.

Angus and Steven travelled north to Kedron Brook floodway, passing under the flightpath of 2 low flying De Havillands possibly returning from Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.
On our return trip, we explored Jacksons Creek and Jubilee Creek.

We finished the day off with a visit to Peter Venn to see his new Turbo TP6.
Peter hopes to begin water trials next month.

News from Maryborough:-
Barry Fennell has his Viper working in top form and is rejoining the club after a short period of frustration when he threatened to sell the machine and never to have anything to do with hovercraft ever again.
"Know the feeling Bazza."

News from Far north Queensland:-
Neville Bennett has applied for a permit to operate in the Great Barrier Reef National Park and his letter to John Dunn, Project Manager Environmental Impact Management Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, looks promising.

Hans Peerenboom of the Dutch club has sent a copy of Gennady Chemenko History article Mar 1999 about Vladimir Levkof of Rostov-on-Don 1895 to 1955 who devoted his working life researching pioneer hovercraft behind the iron curtain.
It is not known if Vladimirís work was inspired by John Thornycroft of Great Britain who experimented with air cushion vehicle designs from 1877.
Copies of Neville's letter and Hanís article will be on show at the next branch meeting at Archerfield.

Australian Hovercraft Federation News:-
On Wednesday 23rd May the Australian Hovercraft Federation held an Annual General Meeting via phone conference from Arthur Steadís at Wynnum Queensland; Eugene Zanozinís at Blaxland NSW; and at Peter Streaderís at Rowville Victoria.
Peter Hardi also joined in from his home in Sydney.
In attendance were Peter Streader, Colin Dainty, Tony Westwood, Eugene Zanozin, Peter Hardi, Arthur Stead, Peter Venn, Angus Kerr, Phillip Audsley and Steven Odgaard.

Election of office bearers:-
President - Peter Streader Vic,
Vice President - Eugene Zanozin NSW,
Secretary - Steven Odgaard Qld,
Treasurer - Colin Dainty Vic
Discover Hover schools programme promoter - Ken Osmond Vic.
Eugene Zanozin was invited to investigate the possibility of staging a national rally in NSW this year.

Next club cruise:-
The next cruise is planned for Saturday 7th July 2007 at Oyster Point, Cleveland.
Meet at the park via Phelan Street for a 9:00 am launch.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
7:30 pm - Tuesday, 17th July 2007
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary