May 2005
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Cruise report - Fisherman's Island - Sunday 15th May 2005.

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The May cruise was held on Sunday the 15th at Fisherman's Island. There were 4 craft:-

Angus Kerr - Turbo Wedge 240,
Des Goss - Turbo Wedge 225,
Sam Waugh & Lorraine - RevTech Renegade and
Steven Odgaard - Bill Baker Vehicle 2.

Also in attendance: Peter Venn, Arthur Stead, Phillip Audsley, Olivier (with Angus) and Mick Rutterman from Coochiemudlo Island.
Steven started off with the group, but had to turn back with lift engine trouble.
Des, Angus/Olivier and Sam/Lorraine travelled out to Moreton Bay and south to Hilliards Creek at Ormiston. They returned safely at noon. Angus reported that he used nearly 3 times more fuel in his 2 stroke Yamaha powered Turbo than Sam in the 4 stroke Honda powered Renegade.
Sam Waugh displayed his unique ute tray mounted ramp which enables the visitors from the NSW club to travel great distances to interstate rallies and meetings in versatile comfort with a caravan in tow.

Cruise report - Redland Bay - Wednesday 18th May 2005.
At the May planning meeting Sam and Des planned a mid-week cruise, and on Wednesday morning 18th May 2005 at 9:30am they met at Redland Bay near Weinam Creek. Angus had to work, but his friend Len Challen turned up with Angus' Turbo Wedge 240. Arthur Stead's brother, Barry went along with Len as passenger. Danny Venn turned up with a Turbo Wedge 240, but couldn't go out due to a belt misalignment problem.
So 3 craft headed off to Garden Island, then south to Karragarra Island, east to Stradbroke and right at Canaipa Point on Russell Island for the first soft drink break.
The trip south from here took them to Jumpinpin bar. Sam/Lorraine and Len/Barry ventured out across the sand spit of South Stradbroke Island to see the Pacific Ocean.
Des stayed on the bay and waited. Len suffered a skirt blowout when he hit a depression in the sand flats near the surf beach and this would have caused a serious delay were it not for Sam and Des' extensive supply of tools and spare skirt segments. They decided to miss Tippler's resort and instead headed back via the safest route. South along Crusoe and Kangaroo Islands then north past Cabbage Tree Point, Logan River mouth, Long Island, Pannikan Island and back to Weinam Creek by 3:00pm.
A fine cruise with sunshine, smooth seas, cool air temperature and a safe return.
click here for photos by Barry Stead

Letter from Karl Bowman, President of the NSW branch.
Saturday 14th May 2005.
Re: Restrictions on the Noosa River and adjoining lakes.

Hi Steve, {the price of freedom is eternal vigilance}.
We in NSW are very interested in protecting our freedom to hover when and where ever we like.
I would urge you all to take steps now! To oppose any attempt to limit hovering. When there was a move to ban hovering on Sydney harbour Peter and I went to the Water Ways Dept, and our local member to put our case in detail, and although jet skis are banned hovercraft are not.
Fight the good fight and never give up, for many are called, but there are very few men of vision chosen to go through life hovering no matter what the weather or opposition.
Never forget that the test of a man's character has always been how long and how often he goes hovering knowing that he may not get back, but doing it anyway; ours has never been an easy road/river.
Courage my fellow hoverers, courage. We in N.S.W. duct to duct with you all.
Your brother in hovering - Karl.

Next club cruise:-
The next cruise will be at Clontarf on Sunday, 19th June 2005.
Meet at 9:30am at Pelican Park.

Next Queensland branch meeting:-
7:30pm Monday 20th June 2005.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary