April 2005
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Cruise report - Colmslie Reserve on the Brisbane River - Sunday 17th April 2005.

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The April cruise was at Colmslie Reserve on the Brisbane River on Sunday 17th April and was attended by three hovercraft:-

Phillip and Kerri Audsley were in their Yellow Turbo Wedge 225.
Des Goss in his trusty Maroon Turbo Wedge 225.
Steven Odgaard in his Maroon Billy Baker Vehicle 2.

Tony Hogben visited for the launch and took some photographs.
Tony is from Curra near Gympie and is building a craft with a lift engine.
While cruising, we met Michael on the northern shore of the Brisbane near the Pinkenbar boat ramp. He has a Turbo 240 powered by a Blue Thunder engine, but he has had difficulty in servicing the duel ignition system.

Environmental Strategy for the Noosa River and Great Sandy Strait:-
The Noosa Shire and the Queensland Environment Protection Agency have gazetted Management Strategy No 3 for recreation, tourism and visitor use.
Hovercraft get a mention along with airboats and sea planes.
Please refer to the following web addresses for further details.

see page 49.
http://www.epa.qld.gov.au/publications/p00538ae.pdf/Great Sandy Region management plan.pdf
see page 43 from the pdf.

Barry Fennell has written some comments about the proposed restrictions on the Noosa River and adjoining lakes.

bizzibaz bizzibaz@tsn.cc
Shut Out

Very interesting bit if information mate!!.... I think we will all have to buy a canoe each to paddle up the proverbial river soon. I for one am adamant, I will NOT buy a bloody PUSH-BIKE.
Once again the people that are not willing to spend a few bob are attempting to monopolise all waterways that are suitable for Hovercraft and other motorised water craft, using the persistently over-used rhetoric of bow wave damage,= ( not noticeable from hovers ), dumping of sullage and sewage,= ( not applicable to small hovers ), shore landings damage,= ( again not applicable ). Leaving only the noise factor, which I must admit, is applicable to most hovercraft, but more-so, jet ski's.
I wonder if these persons have recognised that little revenue is attained from recreational cyclists and canoeists, or is forthcoming from these people. How much money would be gathered from push-bike riders, canoeists and horse riders?, they only purchase a few drinks or food then damage the area by camping.
Whereas motorised sports:- Hovercraft, motor boats, skiers, jet ski's etc; will spend a vast amount more on necessities, such as fuel, oils, spare parts, mechanical repairs, batteries etc; along with foods and lodgings. Lets face it, not many hovercraft meetings set up a camp, we mostly book lodgings if it is for a prolonged period.
The areas proposed are quite large and are, of course, perfect for hovercrafting. As the internet address below will show. Where do they want us to go?, New South Wales!!!. Up North!!!.
I personally feel it is the jet skiers that are causing this alarming action.


Terry Arnott has a fibreglass hull (Winsome 2 hovercraft), a new Briggs and Stratton lift engine and a Yamaha 4 stroke 4 cylinder shaft drive motor bike (suitable for a thrust engine) for sale.

Interstate news:-
22 craft attended the Australian National Rally at Lake Narracan near Moe in Victoria over the Easter weekend. Sam Waugh and Neil Batley came down from New South Wales and Steven Odgaard from Queensland. Everyone else was from Victoria.

Next club cruise:-
The next Queensland club cruise will be at Fisherman Island on Sunday 15th May 2005.

Sam Waugh and Lorraine from the NSW branch are in Brisbane and are planning to come on this cruise with our club. Sam and Lorraine are travelling around Australia with a caravan in tow and a small hovercraft on the ute.
Come and see a low volume 2 cylinder 4 stroke Renegade in action. Its performance is quite remarkable for a low power craft. (25hp Honda.)

Meet for a 9:00am launch at the boat ramp in the Fisherman's Island passage.
Southern bank near the mouth of the Brisbane River.

Next Queensland branch meeting:-
7:30pm Monday 16th May 2005.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary