September 2004
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
On Monday 20th September the Queensland branch had a planning meeting at the Sporting Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) Hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
This was the 184th meeting of the Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club.
Present were Phillip Audsley, Des Goss, Peter Venn, Arthur Stead, Edi Brandli, Dave Brooks, Tony Westwood and Steven Odgaard.
Videos were shown of Peter & Arthur's trip to USA in 2002 by Arthur Stead.

Trophy and ribbon presentation for Brisbane Riverfestival:-
Three trophies and two ribbons were presented to those who participated in the Bridge to Bridge hovercraft display as part of the Brisbane Riverfestival.
First place:- Dave Brooks in a Turbo Wedge 240.
                 (Angus Kerr’s cruising craft) built by Qld Hovercraft Supplies.
Second place:- Des Goss in a Turbo Wedge 225.
                 Home built from a kit designed by Owen Ellis and Paul Moody.
Third place David Venn in a Hoverjet.
                 Built by Owen Ellis and recently refurbished by Peter Venn.
Fourth place Phillip Audsley in a Turbo Wedge 225.
                 Home built from a kit designed by Owen Ellis and Paul Moody.
Demo only Peter Venn in a BBV 2.

Arthur Stead has updated his riverfestival photo gallery for 2004.
Many thanks to Arthur for this fine report.       Click here for photos of the event.
Donna Toussaint - Bride for a ride report.

Hume Weir endurance event Dec 2004 - Jan 2005:-
The Canberra event has been moved to Hume Weir on the Vic/NSW border.
See details below from Ken Osmond, President of the AHF Inc., and a letter from Chris Fitzgerald who tried so valiantly to arrange an historic 40th anniversary event on Lake Burley Griffin commemorating the world's first official hovercraft race.       Click here for Chris Fitzgerald's letter.

Hi Steve,
Planing for our Expohover event has now switched to the good burgers of Albury/Woodonga and the Hume Weir. The difference is breathtaking, everybody that we speak to at Albury is so helpfull and the paperwork should be ready in a few days.
Although we will have a number of international guests attending, none of them will be bringing any craft with them. This event will no dought be a bit smaller than what we had planned for Canberra, but the big advantage of the Hume Weir is its size, Lake Burley Griffin had no cruising area at all but Lake Hume has plenty of cruising space and it also has the Murray river as well.
The dates that we think will suite everybody are January 1st to 4th or January 2nd to 5th. The Canberra dates were a bit to close to Christmas as this is a big family time in Australia, and there were a few problems for a lot of people.
Steve - this event depends on a lot of people and their craft being there, so if you can, push the event and try to dig out every craft that we can find, remember this is not a race but an endurance event that any craft can take part in.
I will fill you in on all the details about on site camping and the event program as soon as I can. We were going to have a two day cruise down the Murray river, but if we can keep the program on the lake it will be so much easier to put together, and it will be a better place for the entry craft to use.
The Entry level program will still run for 2 years as planned, with a lot help from schools across Australia, and Science teachers that have been unbelievable with thier help. By the way, we have changed the name from Entry level craft to 'Expo craft'...... it sounds a bit better.
A copy of the changed program has been sent to the WHF with the proposal to stage 2008 at Hume Weir.
I hope all goes well on monday night and they pack the place out at Archerfield, I will ring you and have a yarn as soon as I have some more news.
Ken Osmond
President, Australian Hovercraft Federation

Visitor from Victorian branch of the AHF:- Tony Westwood
Tony was on holidays in Qld with his family. Many thanks to Tony for calling in.
Tony has set up a web site for the AHF. ""

Schools promotion report:-
Currently 6 schools in Victoria are participating.
The craft being built is the Universal Hovercraft UH10. This craft is built on a 10ft x 5ft polystyrene base and utilises a bag skirt. A 12.5hp 4 stroke engine driving a 2 bladed prop gives a speed of around 35mph. Plans are provided by Discover Hovercraft and the Teachers attend the Victorian hovercraft club meetings. The schools involved receive a grant of $1,500.
Polystyrene used is selected from waste Dow Corning packaging, Pipe makers insulation and imported Japanese beer insulation.

Peter Venn's Humming Bird report:-
16ft 6 seater Subaru 1.2m 6 blade thrust 16hp Honda vtwin lift Loop & segment skirt standing or seated commanding post under survey for commercial use Thrust frame is nearing completion.

Angus Kerr's result in Berlin:-
Angus Kerr, Len Challen and Owen Ellis have returned from Berlin. Angus participated in Formula S with 37 craft in two heats. Full results can be seen on the German web site and a summary is also posted on the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain site.
Angus had a crash, carburettor came off, vacuum line wasn't put back, He was coming 3rd in formula S before the crash. 25th out of 37.

Owen Ellis
Sunday, September 26, 2004
RE: Welcome home

Hi Steve,
Thanks, I appreciate your comments.
I sincerely believe that Angus deserves a big pat on the back for, both maintaining Australia's unbroken participation in WHC's, and for giving it his best shot.
International Hovercraft racing, unlike so many other sports today, is more about participating than winning. I know that this challenge was a significant financial commitment by him. Under pressure he displayed true and unyielding sportsmanship proving that he is a great ambassador for his country.

Kind Regards

Next club cruise:-
The next cruise will be at Colmslie Reserve, Brisbane River on
Sunday, 17th October 2004 - launch at 10:00am.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
7:30pm Monday 18th October 2004.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary