August 2004
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Report on the Rivergames - Hovercraft Display - Saturday, 28th August 2004.

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The annual Brisbane Riverfestival Bridge to Bridge hovercraft display took place on Saturday, 28th August 2004 from 3:05pm to 3:20pm on the Brisbane River in front of the Southbank Parklands.

First place:- Dave Brooks in a Turbo Wedge 240.
                 (Angus Kerr’s cruising craft) built by Qld Hovercraft Supplies.
Second place:- Des Goss in a Turbo Wedge 225.
                 Home built from a kit designed by Owen Ellis and Paul Moody.
Third place:- David Venn in a Hoverjet.
                 Built by Owen Ellis and recently refurbished by Peter Venn.
Fourth place:- Phillip Audsley in a Turbo Wedge 225.
                 Home built from a kit designed by Owen Ellis and Paul Moody.

Peter Venn participated in the initial display, but was unable to start in the bridge to bridge segment. Peter was commanding the backup craft - Billy Baker 2. Due to oil fouling from idling too long, Peter decided not to attempt a start. It was a pleasure to see 5 ACVs out on the river this year.
Dave Brooks had a clean start and a good high speed run which put him way ahead of the pack. The Channel Nine camera focused on the competition between the slower craft, and the TV reporters Bruce Paige and Jillian Whiting mistakingly announced the pack leader as taking out the line honours, when in fact the real winner was already well over the finish line.
Des Goss who came second, was flattered to hear his name mentioned on the TV News.
Click here for photos of the event.

Commentary at the Riverfestival stage :- Winsome Anderson formerly of FM101 radio and Luke D.
Goodwill Games bridge Line Marshal:- Kerri Audsley
Assistant Line Marshal:- Jill Hanna
Rivergames organiser:- Kate Prince and Jonathan Parsons
Stage Manager:- Meg Chapman
QSH banner and promotions:- Caitlin Boag and overseas student, KayJay
Original contact:- Danny Venn of Qld Hovercraft Supplies
Photography:- Arthur Stead, Kerri Audsley, Des Goss and Joan Odgaard.
Land transport from launch site to Southbank and return:- David Odgaard
One back up air cushion vehicle :- supplied by Steven Odgaard.
Last minute participants:- David Venn and Peter Venn
Gift baskets:- Presented to Winsome Anderson for the commentary and to Kerri Audsley and Jill Hanna - purchased, decorated and arranged by Joan and Len Odgaard.
Walkie Talkies :- by Phillip Audsley.
Friends and supporters:- Samantha Venn, Jo (David Venn’s friend), Dave Brooks’ brother or friend, Alister Boag, Pam Boag, and Janelle Thomas

Points for next year to improve our display:-
Practice clean starts: 2 craft had sub-hump (under planning speed) difficulties.
The stage manager warned me about ACVs going too close to the moored vessels upstream of the Victoria Bridge.
One craft entered the exclusion zone at 2.40pm. This was the scheduled time to start, but all craft must wait until radio clearance. The event was behind schedule by 25 minutes and we must wait our turn behind other displays.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful day.

Next Queensland branch meeting:
7:30pm Monday 20th September 2004
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.
Trophies prepared by Accolade Awards, to be presented to those participating in the Brisbane Riverfestival Bridge to Bridge hovercraft display.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary