May 2003
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Cruise report - Oyster Point, Cleveland - Sunday, 27th April 2003.

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
The last cruise at Oyster Point on Sunday, 27th April was attended by
Bryan Davidson and a work collegue,
Angus Kerr and son Lucas and
Steven Odgaard.
It rained heavily in the morning right up to ½ hour before the meeting time of 10:00 am.
The wind was forecast at over 25 knots so Bryan, the only one with a craft, did not launch.
We were to meet again in 2 weeks, but this turned out to be Mother's day and Des Goss advised against this for good reason.
We hope to set another date for this same venue at the this meeting.

Other business arising at the meeting held at the SAAA hall on Tuesday, 20th May 2003:-
Angus Kerr announced a possible race circuit suitable for air cushion vehicles 4 hours south of Brisbane and 6 hours north of Sydney. Hastings Point came up as the name for this spot, but this has to be confirmed or corrected. Angus to check.
Angus showed video photos of the Scarab 2 being used on the Brisbane River to deploy Fire Ant bait along the banks. Three commanders: Danny Venn, Angus Kerr and Lenny took part in the trial with the Department of Primary Industries.
Tony Hogben displayed a very powerful radio controlled model. It went well over the carpet at the SAAA hall. Most models operate well on smooth lino and concrete floors but become stuck on carpet. This is one of the best models I have seen, although it has limitations for use on water due to a lack of bouyancy when the electric motor is shut off.

Brisbane Riverfestival - Bridge to Bridge:-
Planning required for another bridge to bridge display in August/September on the Brisbane River. Steven and Des will be attending a Riverfestival meeting at the Allgas Building in Southbank on Monday 26th May at 5pm to present the club's "Expression of Interest" in participating in this year's Bridge to Bridge event on the Brisbane River.
If successful, this will be late August/ early Sept 2003.
Winsome Anderson has agreed to be our announcer if the event goes ahead.

Lake Burley Griffin:-
Here is an interesting article about the first official hovercraft race in the world.
Chris Fitzgerald of Neoteric Hovercraft (USA), and who participated at the hovercraft race in 1964, is currently in Australia to meet with officials from the National Capital Authority, the Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation, possibly the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chancellor of the Australian National University and the committee of the Australian Hovercraft Federation and members of the hovercraft club who can visit a meeting at Box Hill in Melbourne on the 14th May, to obtain permission and support to stage a 40th anniversary commemorative event on Lake Burley Griffin. Chris a native of Australia who lives and works in the United States.
Chris was in Canberra from 5th - 6th May and is now in Melbourne from 7th May to 19th May 2003.

The first hovercraft race in the world was organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society in Canberra and committee members who took particular interest in staging and marshalling for this event were Group Captain Norm Lamb, Flight Lieutenant Steve Jackson, Flight Lieutenant Chris Beatty and Flight Lieutenant Bill Belton.
As a Flight Lieutenant in the Engineering Branch of the RAAF, Steve Jackson was posted from a tour of duty at Butterworth in Malaya to a staff position at the then Department of Air in Canberra in September 1961.
A Group Captain Norm Lamb, was instrumental in forming a Canberra branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society about this time and Steve Jackson became a member. The aims of the society included fostering and encouraging interest and involvement of members and other persons in matters concerning aeronautics.
Various programmes were implemented to this effect and one of these was to have the world's first hovercraft race on the then filling Lake Burley Griffin.
The race was held in March 1964.

Next club cruise:-
The cruise from Oyster Point on 27th April was a non-event due to high winds and rain.
The same venue has been nominated again for a cruise on Sunday, 1st June 2003.
Oyster Point is just south of Cleveland in Moreton Bay.
Launch time: 10:00 am.

Next Queensland branch meeting:-
7:30 pm - Tuesday, 17th June 2003.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Endurance race at Canberra.
Riverfestival 30th August 2003. (Bridge to bridge)
Please try to come as attendances have been very low.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary