March 2003
Queensland Sporting Hovercraft Club
A branch of the Australian Hovercraft Federation Inc (Vic)

Cruise report - Wellington Point - Sunday, 23rd February 2003.

Dear Air Cushion Vehicle enthusiast,
At our last cruise on the Bay, we had a guest from North Queensland, Neville Bennett from Magnetic Island. Neville turned up with his Vortex and had an enjoyable cruise around Wellington Point and Waterloo Bay with Des Goss, David Legg (the Worm Digger), Steven Odgaard and later, Angus Kerr who took the Mustang (Tipplers Resort hovercraft) for a test.
Neville has to return from holidays at Evans Head soon, but will be available for another cruise if we stage one in the next couple of weeks.

I have rung around to several of the regulars and Sunday 16th March has been nominated for a cruise at the Southport broadwater.
Time:- 10:00am
Boat ramp:- Behind the Southport Swimming Pool.
This is close to Smith Street.
It will be a healthy high tide at 6:50am (1.61 metres) and low tide at 1:15pm.(0.13 metres).
With this differential, there will be a strong outgoing flow at the seaway.

Cruise report - Southport - Sunday, 16th March 2003.

The last cruise was on Sunday 16th March at Southport.
In attendance were:-
Our guest member from Magnetic Island - Neville Bennett and two collegues, then Des Goss, Angus and Lucas Kerr, Bryan Davidson and Phillip and Kerri Audsley. Also along for the enjoyable day at the broadwater were John, Stephanie and Preston Coll and Tony Hogben and Steven Odgaard.
There were five hovercraft in the fleet (all Turbos) and they travelled as far as Tippler's Resort on South Stradbroke Island. Two of the craft suffered minor mechanical problems, but all returned safely to Southport under their own steam before lunch.
Neville ventured a little too close to some fisherman and managed to collect a hook line and sinker. No pun intended, this could have caused serious injury, not to mention our repore with the otherwise friendly locals.
Something to be aware of on future trips.

Australian Hovercraft Federation News:-
The Australian National Rally will be held over Easter at Lake Narracan near Moe in Gippsland.
Doug Stott, who is the event co-ordinator for this year's rally, has sent me the following schedule.

Proposed Australian National Rally 2003.

Friday, 18th April 2003
Setting up of tracks and marker buoys as per events.

Saturday, 19th April 2003
10:00 am Open Rally - Rules & Regulations, Safety, Insurance & Craft Scrutineering
10.20 am 2 Parade Laps (All craft)
11.00 am 2 Lap Sprint race (Single craft)
12.30 pm Lunch break
  2.00 pm Slalom Course (2 runs-Single craft)
  4.00 pm Straight line sprint (2 runs - Single craft)
  6.00 pm AHF Annual General Meeting followed by :-
  Free time followed by tea and free night.

Sunday, 20th April 2003
10.00 am Memory course (1 run - Single craft)
11.45 am Cork collection
12.00 noon Lunch break
  1.30 pm Skills course (2 runs - Single craft)
  3.00 pm Relay team race (Multi craft - single lap)
  4.00 pm Presentations and farewells for those leaving us.
  Free time followed by tea and free night.

Monday, 21st April 2003
Free day for those remaining followed by packing up and departure.

Next club cruise:-
The next club cruise will be at Fernvale on the freshwater reaches of the Brisbane River on Sunday, 6th April 2003 for a day on the rapids.
Unlike the sea, I can't make a prediction about the tide in this section of river.
Meet at the central park in Fernvale at 10:00am. We intend to launch at Twin Bridges on the Brisbane River.
If you are late (and I admit, I am no exception to this) then proceed further north along the road until you come to the Brisbane River at Twin Bridges.

Next Queensland branch meeting:-
7:30pm - Tuesday, 15th April 2003.
SAAA hall at Archerfield Aerodrome.
Beatty Road Qld 4108.

Steven Odgaard
QSH secretary